The Seychelles Islands 

Country Details

Currency SCR - Seychelles Rupee

Capital Victoria (on Mahe)

Native Languages French, English, Seychellois creole

Population 98, 693 

The Republic of Seychelles lies northeast of Madagascar, an archipelago of 115 islands with just over 98,000 citizens,three-quarters of whom live on the main island of Mahé. Seychelles is highly dependent on tourism and has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) percapita in Africa, at $12.3 billion (2020). 

Seychelles enjoys 0% taxation for offshore International Business Companies (IBC), no auditing and no paid-up capital requirement; making it one of the most attractive offshore financial international centres.

Over the years, various industries have been seizing the many opportunities which Seychelles’ IBC structures provide. IBCs incorporated in the Seychelles represent excellent value for money. Thanks to several significantly flexible laws implemented under the Seychelles government, Seychelles is a modern offshore jurisdiction that has plenty to offer and it is highly recommended for international investment and trading operations.

Why choose Seychelles as your offshore jurisdiction?  

Our islands welcome your business ventures, whatever your business undertakings may be.

When it comes to offshore business, location certainly matters; Seychelles is well placed on the globe in the perfect time zone to be a great base for your international business ventures. More importantly, what is equally important for all your business needs are the political and economic links Seychelles maintains with other countries in the region and the rest of the world. As a nation, it has a safe, cultivated and bilingual population with great services and modern infrastructures in place all in one idyllic setting. On a lighter note, it is just the place to mix business with pleasure!

- For its common and agreeable legislations

You will already be familiar with Seychelles’ offshore legislations as they have been adapted from existing popular laws, not only to fit with the local legal system but to suit clients’ needs globally.

- For its quick and uncomplicated registration

Time is always money, so no time is wasted with offshore company registrations. Incorporation procedures are fast and straightforward; completed within hours and typically finalises within 24 hours.

- For its simple management and valued confidentiality

There is no need for an IBC to prepare and file its financial statements or annual tax returns.  All your private documents and records, which are not publicly available to others, are safe and confidential with us.  


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