Depending on the circumstances of your business you may want to enhance and establish your presence in Seychelles without having to rent or buy an office space. To do this you could invest in virtual office services which are basically advanced communication and management services. These services allow you to maintain a proper business image whilst working remotely without the costs associated with rent, salaries and the overheads associated with a normal office.

Already having a Seychelles IBC gives you a registered address and registered agent in Seychelles, therefore you would already be meeting the mandatory minimum domestic presence requirements.

However, the usage of your existing registered address for your routine business commitments would be limited and you might want to have access to a range of more beneficial business functions as per your requests and needs:

• a prestigious local business address
• a locally shared or dedicated telephone and fax number for call handling services to take calls, telephone messages and faxes on behalf of your Seychelles IBC (call handling only available during the official business hours in Seychelles, faxes and messages are forwarded to you electronically).
• mail and correspondence which can be done by forwarding services

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