"Online Gaming" in Belize means:

(a) any gaming, where any player enters or may enter the game, or takes or may take any step in the game, by means of a telecommunication;

(b) the negotiating or receiving of any bet by means of a telecommunication; or(c) any lottery in which any participant acquires or may acquire a chance by means of a telecommunication. 

A person conducts online gaming where:

(a) in the case of gaming or a lottery, he takes part in its organization, management or promotion;

(b) in the case of a bet, he carries on any business involving the negotiating or receiving of the bet; or

(c) he maintains, or permits to be maintained, in Belize any computer or other device on or by means of which the game or lottery is operated, or the bet is received, as the case may be. 

Who can apply? 

Any person who conducts or intends to conduct any online gaming in or from within Belize and employ a minimum of 25 persons shall apply to the Board for a license. 
International Business Company Requirement.

The Committee may for and on behalf of the Board, grant to any person, being a company limited by shares and incorporated in Belize under the International Business Companies Act, a license authorising it to conduct online gaming:

(a) of any prescribed description; or

(b) of such prescribed descriptions as are specified in the license. 

Government Fees

Non-refundable application fee - US$5,000.00 
Annual license fee - US $10,000.00 

How to Apply 

1. Applicants shall submit 10 bounded copies of the completed application form and business plan to the Chairman, Gaming Control Board, Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade, and Commerce (please note that documents such as the application form, fingerprints document, reference letters etc. cannot be more than 6 months old).

2. Project proposal shall be submitted in business plan format including:

• Company Name and Location (address) of the operating business
• Brief description of the project and its amenities 
• Proposed Investment Value 
• Proposed Employment Number 
• Indication of Source of Funds: for Capital Investment to allow commencement of operation 
• Summary of revenues and benefits to be earned 
• Name and contact information (with email) of the Official Contact responsible for the submission of the application 
• List of current shareholders, inclusive of ultimate beneficial owners in natural person who own more than 10% of shares 
• General company information & objectives (Background and Scope of Project including detailed description of activities and benefits)
• Background (Location of project and size of property and company, description and objective of the project, description of facilities and services being offered, benefits of the project, scope of project, detailed description of project sponsors, background on company and/or applicant such as previous year’s performance, assets and liabilities, experience in the sector and awareness of other suppliers of the same or similar services in the country/region) 
• Benefits of the project & Marketing Strategy (should be aimed at the Tourism Market) 
• Market Demand, size and demand of growth 
• Type and quality of services
• Foreign and local competition (optional)
• Major problems and future development to impact on industry
• Target consumers/customers and markets
• Estimated sales revenues according to markets and products/services; and pricing system)
• Organogram of staff and management, detail of salary and positions to be held in the company for the next 10 years)
• 5-year financial projections, including leasing or sale arrangement plans (detail of all revenues from sales and recurrent expenditures over the next 5 years to run the day-to-day activities including: wages, equipment, maintenance, utilities, social security, insurance, purchase of equipment, fuel, marketing fees etc)
• Financial data and all assumptions supporting the statements including: calculations of sales and costs 
• Outline Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (e.g., benefits to the employees and communities).

3. Provide copies of the company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association and a Certificate of Incorporation (annexed to business plan). 

4. Copies of the audited accounts of the applicant comprising balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for the last three years, including the most recent (annexed to business plan). 

5. If the applicant is a holding company with subsidiary companies, the Memorandum and Articles of Association of each such subsidiary company (annexed to business plan). 

6. If the applicant is a subsidiary company of a holding company, the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the holding company and each subsidiary company of the holding company (annexed to business plan). 

7. Particulars of each person who is a shareholder, director, partner, secretary or manager of the applicant if the applicant is a company (annexed to business plan). 

8. Particulars of any other person who has any financial interest to the applicant, direct or indirect, in the subject of this application (annexed to business plan). 

9. A full set of fingerprints of the persons referred to in number 7 and 8. 

10. Copy of the personal identification card. 

11. Two recent black and white photographs of each of the persons referred to in number 7 and 8. 

12. Where a person referred to in number 7 and 8 is a naturalized citizen or permanent resident of another country, a copy of the naturalization documents. 

13. Proof of property availability (land documents, lease agreement etc.) 

14. The name, postal address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the person with whom the Board should communicate in respect to the application. 

15. Provide any other information which the Gaming Control Board may require. 


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