Bahamas, Bermuda & Cayman Islands 2019. Economic Substance Legislation

Bahamas 2019. Economic Substance Legislation:

Bahamas. Register of Beneficial Ownership 2019

As you may be aware, the Bahamas enacted the Register of Beneficial Ownership Act, 2018.  Since then, the relevant governmental body (called the “Competent Authority”) has been organizing the method and mechanism whereby local service providers will upload beneficial ownership information for entities they act for to a secured online Central Registry.

The Central Registry is now ready to receive the information. Please note that this Registry is not open to the public or to persons not authorized by the Competent Authority and all service providers have been assured that the Registry is tightly controlled and information on beneficial ownership of entities may only be accessed via due process.

Bermuda 2019. Economic Substance Legislation:

Cayman Islands 2019. Economic Substance Legislation:


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